Cletusfest Tailgate FAQ

Many visitors to The Ohio State University have questions about how they can maximixe their experience while at the mecca of college football! While we are happy to answer any questions you might have, below are the answers to some of the most common questions:

Where Can I Park and/or Tailgate?
There are several options available for parking. If you would like to tailgate, your best option is to park at one of the day of game pay lots. They have first-come, first-serve spaces available for cars and vans. Their tailgate parking costs are somewhere between $10-20. Another parking option is the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. They provide shuttle service to the stadium, but there may be long waits before and after the game. Yet another option would be to exit St. Rt. 315 on Ackerman Drive, follow it to Neil Avenue, turn right on Neil, and follow the street toward Lane Avenue. Many of the houses on this street offer parking on their front lawn. The cost will vary from $5-10, depending on how close to Lane you stop. Click here for more information on OSU parking.

What Time Should I Arrive?
Your arrival time depends on how much of "the experience" you would like to enjoy. I would recommend arriving no later than an hour or two before the game. The parking will be much easier, and you will be able to walk around and enjoy the spectacle that is OSU Tailgating.

If I don't have my own Tailgate, what are my options?
Not having a tailgate to join is not a problem at Ohio State. There are a variety of options for you to choose. The first choice would be to start at The Ozone on Lane Ave. This party, which has taken over for the famously popular Hineygate, includes a rock band, lots of tents full of beer, and lots of young tailgate goers looking for a good time.

There are other parties hosted by radio stations up and down Lane Avenue. This includes an OSU Football Gameday staple, The Varsity Club located right next to Conrad's College Gifts. Yet another choice would include going to the Schottenstein Center at Lane Avenue and Olentangy River Road. The University hosts a more family oriented party in the parking lot of the Schott. Finally, you can always walk around the parking lots around Ohio Stadium. There is a lot of fun stuff going on, but watch out for the police. They are looking for open containers everywhere!

How Can I Get Tickets?
Unfortunately, I don't have a magic solution for tickets. There are always scalpers hanging out around the North end of the stadium. Also, there are usually people selling tickets next to Heineygate. I've found better luck there, but it's totally random luck if you find a good price on a scalped ticket. Another option would be to walk around the tailgate areas. I've seen people buy tickets for face value because someone at a tailgate doesn't feel like making the effort to get a better price. Finally, you should always check with the ticket office. They often get tickets returned from the visiting school a week prior to the game. They can be reached at their website, http://www.hangonsloopy.com.

What are Some of the Highlights of an OSU Football Saturday?
Here are my favorite things that a rookie should check out;

  • OSU Marching Band - Skull Session occurs 2 hours before every home game. The band plays crowd favorites, as well as a few new songs.
  • Heineygate - Great time, where you will meet hundreds of Buckeye fans
  • Band Entrance into the Stadium - Make sure you are in your seats a half-hour before kickoff. The pageantry of the band entrance is incomparable.
  • Conrad's College Gifts - You have never been to a Buckeye store like this. They have just about everything Buckeye!

Also, I found this well-rounded article on the web: Taylor Tastes


OSU Football Schedule:
Date Opponent Game Time
9/1 Oregon State Win 77-31
9/8 Rutgers Win 52-3
9/15 @ TCU Win 40-28
9/22 Tulane Win 49-6
9/29 @ Penn State Win 27-26
10/6 Indiana Win 49-26
10/13 Minnesota Win 30-14
10/20 @ Purdue Loss 49-20
11/3 Nebraska Win 36-31
11/10 @ Michigan State Win 26-6
10/17 @ Maryland Win 52-51
11/24 scUM 12:00pX
12/1 B1G ChaXpionship
vs. TBA