Welcome to Cletusfest!!

Since 1993, the co-founders of the Cletusfest tailgate have been serving Buckeye Nation with the finest in Saturday fun.  Whether it be a home game at OSU, a Big Ten road game, or a Bowl Game -- Cletusfest is there to represent!!

This is our 25th year hosting the tailgate, and will have some special adds this year to celebrate our time together. Stay tuned with our Facebook page and our website to learn about the various special items throughout the season. Let's get ready for the season!

A workmanlike victory over the Gophers. While the game was sluggish and non-inspired, the team still kept Minnesota at arms length. Next are the Purdue Boilermakers.

Join the 25th Anniversary Fun
Cletusfest is now offering 25th Anniversary t-shirts. Click here to order.


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