Welcome to Cletusfest!!

Since 1993, the co-founders of the Cletusfest tailgate have been serving Buckeye Nation with the finest in Saturday fun.  Whether it be a home game at OSU, a Big Ten road game, or a Bowl Game -- Cletusfest is there to represent!!

CletusFest is headed to Norman, Oklahoma for the game on Saturday, September 17. Kick-off is 6:30 pm CDT and CletusFest will begin festivities at 12:00 pm. In the afternoon prior to the game we will be serving hot dogs, brats, and grilled chicken breasts. All are encouraged to bring either a dessert or a side dish (ie. potato salad, fruit salad, etc).

As soon as we determine a location we will send it out and post it on Facebook. Look for the Red Honda Odyssey van with the OSU Flag and Michigan Dummy hanging from the flag pole.


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